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Benefits of robotic welding (Part Two)

In part one of this two-part series, we looked at how safety and productivity have benefited from using robotic welding in heavy equipment trailer manufacturing. In Part two, we’re turning to quality and looking at how our own robotic welder has helped to improve the quality of our industry leading trailers built at our trailer manufacturing facility in Brisbane.

Quality benefits

Not only is robotic welding fast, its unbeatable when it comes to accuracy. It’s estimated that a robotic welder can achieve the correct welding angle, speed, and distance with repeatable accuracy of (± 0.04 mm).  This means that every single welding joint is produced to the best possible quality standard, significantly reducing the need for costly rework.

Just like the productivity benefits we looked at in part one, the improvements in quality and consistency mean our unit price is reduced while quality is actually improved. In terms of quality, Australian trailer manufacturers are now producing better trailers than ever.

The perfect weld every single time

Consistency is part of the quality equation for trailer manufacturers because it guarantees product reliability. Manual welding requires a high level of skill as well as concentration to achieve consistency. A robotic welder can continue to perform precisely the same weld cycle continuously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For trailer manufacturers in Australia, product reliability is paramount and as Drake Trailers General Manager Khali Lake explains, the consistency benefits of a robotic welder directly result in a more reliable heavy equipment trailer.

Our trailers are used in some of the most remote parts of the country across a wide range of industries. Our customers need a product that doesn’t require regular unscheduled maintenance or repairs. Using a robotic welder ensures consistency across the trailer manufacturing process, which in turn provides the most reliable product possible. We know each weld will perform to the standards it was designed for which gives our customers a trailer they can rely on.”

Welders of the future

The benefits of robotic welders have exceeded expectations, not only for trailer manufacturers but for every company using welding in manufacturing. In the years since Drake Trailers purchased their first robotic welder back in 2007, the market for robotic welders has grown faster than any other industrial robot with the estimated value of the robotic welding and accessories market expected to exceed $1.9 billion in 2017.

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