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Towing a large vehicle? Try a Tilt Slide Trailer

When you tow a standard four-wheel vehicle conventionally, two of its wheels are generally on the ground or at best is supported by a small dolly trailer for added versatility. Using this method is likely to cause wear and tear to the towed vehicle as it is exposed to unavoidable road hazards.

Of course, not every mode of transport can be towed conventionally. Vehicles including buses, campers, trucks and even heavy equipment are particularly susceptible to damage from a “wheels down” towing approach.

That’s where a tilt slide trailer can make life easier. A tilt trailer is a flatbed vehicle that is capable of towing your vehicle with all wheels resting on the deck and safely secured on the platform. Australian trailer manufacturers Drake Trailers tilt slide trailer is designed to carry vehicles, machinery and even unusual loads such as shipping container offices (which can be seen being towed by our Customer in Focus: McAuley’s Contracting Pty Ltd).

The best part? This trailer is self-loading, eliminating the need for cranes and ideal for jobs in remote locations or when additional plant equipment isn’t available.

Still on the fence? Here are some of the great benefits of using a tilt slide trailer by trailer manufacturers Drake Trailers.

Carries up to 40 tonnes

The Drake Trailer Tilt Slide can carry up to 40 tonnes. With the standard bus weighing 13 tonnes and the standard camper van registering at 3-4 tonnes, it’s an ideal match for even the biggest jobs, making light work of heavy loads.

Fully remote controlled

Every major moveable component of the Drake Trailers tilt slide trailer – from the winches to the PTO operation to the hydraulics – is remote controlled operated by the driver, enhancing safety practices for your driving team.

Big enough for any job

The deck sizes are completely customisable depending on your transportation requirements. As a standard, it’s extendable to over 20 metres and can be widened to 3.2 metres, giving you the flexibility to carry anything from ATV bikes to tour buses and even stretch limos as seen in this video of a haul job by Drake Trailers customer Membrey’s Transport & Crane Hire – skip to 3:15.

It’s versatile and built to last

As with all trailers by Drake Trailers, our models are built to be the most versatile and durable in the market, capable of tackling harsh Australian environments. The Tilt Slide caters to both long and oversize loads making it the ideal option for vehicle recovery for trucks, buses and all kinds of heavy haulage including large excavators, harvesters and wheel loaders.


Whether you’re looking for a quad deck Widener or sold on the title slide, all Drake Trailers designs can be customised and manufactured on-site at our Wacol facility. We will in collaboration with our customers to determine the purpose of the trailer, the required carry weight, the types of Australian terrain (city to country or mine site to long haul highways) and who will be operating the trailer. As safety is our biggest consideration, we understand all kind of risk assessment processes and can advise accordingly.

Some of our custom trailers are some of our favourite builds. Using the tilt slide design alone, we made the world’s longest extendable deck widening trailer for our valued customer Membrey’s Transport & Crane Hire.

If you’re keen for a closer inspection of the Drake Trailers tilt slide trailer or any of our heavy transport trailers, get in contact with The Drake Group today at our manufacturing facility in Brisbane. The Drake Group incorporates O’Phee Trailers, Drake Trailers and Drake Collectibles.


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